Poop bags


As I mentioned in my “About Me” page, I am a proud mother of two. Jean Pierre, a rescued dog, and my sweet angel Chloe.
Having dogs is one of the best experiences I’ve had. Dogs are little creatures that can love their owners more than they love themselves.


If you have a dog, you know the worst part is picking up their poop. 
Now… How does all this have anything to do with sustainability?
One of my goals is to start using less or zero, if possible, plastic. That includes the plastic bags I use to pick up my babies’ waste.
As I was buying Christmas toys for them, I came across these poop bags that claimed to be eco-friendly. Of course, I got them, and I have been using them since then. They are super thick, smell good, and are long enough to avoid a mess.. They’re basically the perfect poop bags. I was going to post about this treasure I found on Instagram, but I decided to do a little research about them..


As I was walking to the poop station to get rid of the now nasty bags, I was thinking.. How do they know which bags are the ones that are made of biodegradable material? Does someone separate the regular plastic bags from “the good ones”? Do they really biodegrade like they claim they do?


Well, I came to find out this bags are NOT biodegradable. They are made of recyclable materials, which makes them more eco-friendly. Now.. are they better than regular plastic bags? Yes. However, the ideal thing would be to reduce instead of recycling, so I went to the company’s website to see if they had biodegradable ones and they actually do.

poopbag2 I was about to buy a thousand of them to start using them, but I kept thinking.. Who separates the compostable bags from the regular bags?
Answer is… NOBODY.
As I kept researching I found some blogs where people said in some cities you can flush the bags, but you have to check with your city first. Some people would just leave them outside and left them to biodegrade, but let’s face it.. Nobody wants to have little white bags outside their houses.
Looking and looking, trying to find out WHAT TO DO with these bags after being used, I found this solution that for me and for people that have a backyard I believe would be the ideal one.
It is called the “Doggie Dooley Pyramid Dog Toilet”, and it is an environmentally safe in-ground pet waste disposal system. You can get rid of the bags there and wait for them to biodegrade or with the help of a dog poop scooper you can just throw them there. According to the reviews, it is a lot of digging you would have to do, but I thought it was an amazing idea. Definitely worth trying if you care about the environment.


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