The Stair Promenade

The “Promenade Architecturale” is a key term in the language of modern architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design. Taken at its basic level, the promenade refers to the experience of walking through a building or a landscape. Taken a deeper level, it serves to question preconceived notions of how one lives.

“You enter: the architectural spectacle at once offers itself to the eye. You follow an itinerary and the perspectives develop with a great variety, developing a play of light on the walls, or making pools of shadow… The purpose of all this being to help us learn at the end of the day to appreciate what is available”
-Le Corbusier 

Until now, the student has been dealing with abstract operations to help generate a space. The objective of the “Stair Promenade” project is to extend the abstract thought process of space-making into an architectural construct.